About us

Vinci Midem Award

(Vinci won the Midem Award 2017 in Cannes, France)

About us

Vinci’s mission is to reinvent headphones.  Founded in September 2014, Inspero Inc. was started by two MIT MBA Alumni, David and Max. And our vision is to completely rethink headphones by inventing a new way to experience and interact with sound.

Vinci team now consists of 50 talented engineers and designers with many years of experience from companies such as Intel, Oracle, and Microsoft, and from universities such as MIT, Harvard, RISD, and Parsons.

Vinci is now located in New York, Bangkok, Beijing and Shenzhen. Vinci made a strategic decision to locate in China take advantage of China’s robust and ever-innovating supply chain.

In October 2015, the company introduced its first Vinci headphones -- the device sold out within six months. The team at Vinci knew its dream of reinventing headphones and the way we interact with sound was a reality.


Contact us:

General: hi@inspero.im
Customer support: support@inspero.im
PR and marketing: press@inspero.im