World's First Personal Assistant In Your Ear

Voice control your music. 15000+ Skills with Alexa. WiFi/3G/Bluetooth and 16GB storage. 3D stunning sound. No Phone Required.

$199 Now.

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Vinci Smart Headphones

First Smart Headphones that Understand you

"Vinci Smart Hearable Reinvents Headphones."

"Vinci Smart Hearable Reinvents Headphones."

" with my voice and have the track playing moments later continues to feel magical."

"Hearables never sounded better."

"A pair of flashy headphones that actually sound pretty damn good."

"Vinci smart headphones are the real deal"

"Everything sounds crystal clear...For the price of $199 it's hard to beat something so good in that price range."

"Vinci Rocks Super Bowl Li 2017."

"Vinci, best sound and smartest, ever!"

Voice control your music and completely hands free.

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Looks like a headphone.Acts like a computer.

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The more you use it, the more Vinci understand you.

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12000+ skills powered by Alexa.

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Immersive True 3D Sound.

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Comfortable, light, and sleek.

Ergonomic design.

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Vinci has it all together

Smart Bluetooth

Up to 26 hours continuous playback HD Voice communication

Activity Tracking

Track your pace, distance and location. Heart rate monitoring.

Cloud Service

Direct music-streaming 16GB/32GB local storage 3G and WiFi-enabled.

Hi-Fi quality sound

Hi-Fi quality sound, DAC for Pro. 40mm Beryllium drivers, MIT sound team.

Smart Noise Cancellization

30DB noise supression ANC for Pro Smart ANC modes


Wireless charging for Pro. 1.5 hours charging time. 15 hours playback. 1500mAh Lithium polymer.

Vinci New York Office

315 W 36th St, 10th Fl

New York, NY 10018

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